Aztex sodablast
Paint removal prior to application of anti-fouling.

Soda blasting is especially ideal for use on marine vessels. On fiberglass boats, it is important not to damage the gel coat. Once this is damaged, water can penetrate and delaminate the gel coat or cause fractures and blistering.


Note that the damage can be covered with layers of paint and thus be undetected. And, once damage to the gel coat is done, the boat's integrity has been compromised. This can only be detected by removing the paint. And, it's here that soda blasting excels. Scraping, stripping using harsh chemicals and so on tend to remove sections of the gel coat


It is also possible to just soda blast sections of the boat to check for gel coat damage, without damaging the surrounding parts.


Of course, soda blasting to remove worn anti-fouling paint, is one of the main applications for soda blasting. This method of removing paint is very eco-friendly and leaves the least residue. Clean-up is so much easier. So in case you are scouring for boat cleaning services in Sydney, we could just be the perfect people for you.


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