Aztex sodablast
Removal of old paint prior to renovation.

Soda blasting is ideal for removing paint from cars and other automotive vehicles and are done in such a way that ensures that the panels aren’t damaged


More conventional methods of treating vehicles require several steps to remove paint, including the use of sanders and grinders. As well, with other media, eg., sand or glass, the surface has to be degreased, prior to blasting.


Soda blasting will remove carbon, oil, rust and paint on steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and so on used in vehicles. There is no damage to the substrate or distortion of the surface.


Soda blasting saves a lot of time in preparation and clean-up, saving you money. Masking is minimal, as it will not damage glass.


Applications in the automotive field are varied. Blasting is best done in our specially-fitted booth.


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